samedi 9 janvier 2010

Multi Touch Paint

Multi touch paint is a drawing application that lets you draw using several fingers.
Several drawing features are also implemented like setting of stroke/background color, save/load picture, special effects etc.
There is also a kids mode which will change color and size at each stroke.

Note: Multi touch is only available in Eclair release (2.0 or more).
Current devices compatible are Motorola Droid/milestone and the Nexus One. Both of theses devices can only handle 2 simultaneous touch.


2.1: send by mail feature (coming this we)
2.0: big ui and features rework

Link to the market

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Dan a dit…

Hey there, wanted to suggest a way to get muti-touch support in 1.5 without any hacks (SDK level 3)

Check out EventParser in